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Are you addicted ?? (pt 1)

Things that considered as addictive thing

Are You Addicted??

Do you know what is the meaning of addicted ? well addicted is a condition where people will compulsively or physiologically dependent on something habit-forming. Well what's in your mind when you think about addicted thing?There are many things which are addicted things such as drugs, nicotine, smoke, alcohol, wine and etc. Well keep that aside guys we will not talk about that. But for today, Not only a bad thing that can make people addicted there are some good thing that make people addicted. We will talk about this topic from the simplest thing which is a addicted thing. 

1. Listen to the music
Well guys... first thing comes first. Everybody like music. Research shows that music is to the brain as physical exercise is to the human body. Music tones the brain for auditory fitness and allows it to decipher between tone and pitch. Uuuuu.. well listening to the music is a good thing. listening to a music can make help our physycological for teraphy. it is pretty cool to know that. the good part is when we listen to the music, the music can takes you to fantasy and away from the real world. it distracts & diverts your attention it is non-productive leisure & waste of the time mostly. see what did I told you. the fantasy can make our brain want to keep it coming and fill our mind. As the brain works at your will it will always respon to everything that you wanna do. So just like drugs music can also do that. So becarefull don't get to serious with it and enjoy the music if you need it. Don't get to addicted guys it is not gonna destroy you ... I guess.

2. Online Browsing
Browsing or online is one of everyday activities for everybody. Internet is the way of this activities these days. There are almost all people in this world knew how to use Internet. They have the gadjet for using the Internet.What can we get from Internet ? Well there are a lot of stuff we can do with the Internet , we can search many useful thing, looking for information, reading news, knowing some actress, chatting with friends, playing games, update our status on twitter, and etc. There are about a ton things that we can do in it. And so our activities will be made from it. The more the activities you have to do in it the more time you will spend your time on the Internet. It will be addictive for some people who do not have any reason for using Internet. So you have to do some thing with purpose so you won't get addicted so easily

3. Watching

Well this is our everyday activities that we always do. Well don't think this simple thing not gonna make us addicted or have a bad effect to our life. This is the worst scenario of addicted. Everybody can be addicted just by watching something that they like to see. Our brains and phsycology will do the same function as when we do smoke. The difference are the danger that will damage our body and the climax that we will have. So to make it not be an addicted thing don't take it to serious, enjoy it and do something useful.

Whatching hard

Hey, look they are watching cartoon 
watching together

Watching weird stuff

Ow No...No... Not her aaaargh

4. Shower
sorry this is the only picture that is available the other pictures are only for 17th above

Among the other addicted thing this is the closest addicted thing that has the same feeling as drugs. While taking a bath there are some sensation that will be felt by the person. According to the research some people will can feel a great sensation when the water touch the skin. All fatigue will disappear as soon as possible and also can calm his/her mind from a hard work. So it is a sensitive parts where people can be very addicted once they know it. So It is one of the reason of why some people take a long time just to take a bath.

 5. Gossip

Do You know what is gossip? well according to wikipedia Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about personal or private affairs of others. It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts, views and slander. Well guys why does gossip become an addictive thing. It is really obvious, people like to talk about other people problem and privacy. The bad thing now is gossip has become a part from the entertainment and many people love it. It is not about the sensation that we will be addicted but it is from what it was. Gossip is also bad thing and the people love it from what it was.


So that is it guys. 5 thing which are consider as addicted thing. Remember don't do something useless and you guys need to considered when you wanna do something if it good or bad also don't forget not to do things too much or out of the limit. All of the thing which were done, out of the limits or out of control, can become addictive things. Be safe guys don't do that too much See yaa 


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